Thanh Binh’s resolutions and determination

1./ General resolutions for the governing of Auckland Transport:
Strengthening land transport system. Consolidate public transport services, planning and project management.

Govern the biggest and fastest growing transport installations in order to control the maximum transport demand

 The resolutions shall result in suppression and confinement of congestion to acceptable effects and ultimately eliminate it

2./ Liberate and develop the entire Auckland waterfronts

Gradually and totally demilitarize the harbour

Govern the Port of Auckland and reduce containers and auto shipping operations

The entire waterfronts shall be zoned for :

Commercial and business purposes

Tourism and passengers transports

Cultural and arts and international sports purposes

The cruise ships and super yacht industries and businesses.

3./ Demilitarize the waterfronts, Hauraki gulf and Waitemata harbour

Reduction and gradual withdrawing of all heavy military hardware and
weapon systems. Evacuate all ordnance and explosive from this zone. We
can lead, manage and measure the troops reduction and complete troops
withdraw by 2030s

Plan for and dismantling the aging and high risk Devonport naval base
HMNZS Philomel and all of its naval support installation and services.
Liberate the airspace above Devonport and Waitemata for public transport
and economic purposes.

4./ Plan, study and act in governing the port of Auckland

Plan for downsizing and reduction of container and auto operation

Establish goals of reduction of Port size and operation by 10% by end
2025. Align to the vision of a passenger and critical supplies only Port of

5./ Auckland airport installations :

Govern the international airport in order to restrict their expansion

Limit construction of new building and facilities and structural of the

Strictly govern the numbers of and create limitation for international take
off and landing

Apply new aviation transport charges and taxes

Eventually leading it out completely of Auckland airspace and land sites to their new super transport complex for North Island. (NIIAs)

6./ Invest, create and design for high speed Transport complex for
Auckland and North Island

Invest and study for the new North Island International Aerospace Complex

Lead the consolidation of entire North Island international aviation

Invest in design and creation of Auckland monorail super fast train service company

Create super fast monorails and connection of Auckland and that new
North Island international aerospace complex. (NIIA)

To begin their operation by 2030

7./ Service to the building and construction industry and businesses

It must continually focus on quality services to the consumers and warrant its own survival

Auckland Council must continually elevate and strengthen their architectural design and planning for the City. Through democratic consultation with users and communities.

8./ Strengthening Auckland Council’s organizations
Demand for and open to judicial works on :

Major council’s construction and businesses projects

All Council Control Organization’s core businesses and compliance

Commit and adhere to total, systemic quality management at all levels of the Council. Implement modern quality management model which warrant council’s organizations survival, maximizing work satisfaction for all council employees and measurable reduction of harm against our environments

9./ Our environments are our strategic and permanent working partners

Develop and maintain a ways of looking at our changeable climates and
environments as a permanent and respectable working partners with

Identifying Transport congestion is main cause of harm and pollution against our environments, for that we must suppress and eliminate congestion.

Strengthen legislation for protection and service of our air and water and
marine coastline environments

– Elevate the qualities, health and safety of our Air environments especially Waitemata , Northshore and Manukau wards

10./ Fair, justified and purposeful new revenues for our local government

We create new taxation system to accelerate the fulfillment of our political vision and goals. we seek to increase the necessary and essential revenues to serve the Installations or the operations which are taken place in our regions.

Aviation transport installation charges

Aviation emission charges 

Military Transport Installation charges 

Military emission and risks charges 

International study course charges

11./ Local sports and International Sports 

We continue to strengthen our local sport facilities.  

Design, planning and Invest for national significant Sporting Installation 
shall follow our strategic Super fast Monorail corridor and NIIAc 

12./ Resolutions for Manukau Ward: Consolidate our greatest installations, serving our demographic need and growth. Elevate our safety, health and human development

 By its strategic geopolitical location and natural resources. Manukau ward territorial land, coastlines and airspace will lead the rejuvenation and development of entire Auckland Region.

 Consolidate our governing of Auckland International and domestic airport installations and lead it to NIIAc in 20-40 years

 Strengthening the public services to the existing Middlemore general hospital and open the paths to the construction of new regional hospital in Manukau.   

 Renovate and expand cross regional public transport system and services. Eliminate the regional fuel tax here.  

 Champion the grow of tertiary education providers in our Ward and provision for transport service to and from mega education installations

 Proactively strengthens the response and recovery of our critical power infrastructures in our ward.

Leading our communities  toward safer roads and suburbs.